Does your production/game/film/radio need a little extra bang (quite literally)? A little enhanced mood? Bassic Instinct can produce affordable sound effects and music for any situation and wrap it up into usable files if required.

Specialising in both natural and synthetic sounds your vision can be taken to that next level of immersion.

Please contact for more information and a discussion on requirements and rates or view the Gallery for any related images.

-Sound Design and Implementation
-Custom Sound Effects
-Flexible and Adaptable Show Cues
-Game Implementation

Additional Services
-Sound cue programming, show set-up and sound effect creation
-On site recording


(Only selected employment listed, full CV is available in .pdf or .doc)

-Sheringham Little Theatre
--Christmas Pantomime 2012 - [Jack and the Beanstalk - Sound Designer & FoH- 50 Shows]
--Christmas Pantomime 2011 - [Dick Whittington and His Cat - Sound Designer & FoH - 41 Shows]

-Open Cast Theatre [The Railway Children (Musical Edition) 2012 - Sound Design, FoH & Lighting- 13 Shows]


Short Scene - Sound Effect: Created scene consisting of live recordings and created sounds for the event as follows:
-Buggy arrives nearby with a heavy machine gun while area is under fire from distance followed by a launched missile.
-Multiple character movements during the arrival of a gunship with Gatling cannon.
-A sight on a rocket launcher is adjusted before a launch and the scene ends in an, as yet unfinished slow-motion crash.
[Note: rough, dry mix requiring concussion before missile launch and explosion effects]

Grenade Launcher - Sound Effect: Created sounds of a grenade launcher using easily obtainable items.
[Note: rough, dry mix]

Thunder and Rain - Sounds: Short environment scene with live rain and sampled thunder.


More works can be found in the Showreel section.


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